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Opening remarks[]

Oh, here's my bit, and this is Robin Boyle doing it. To the hysterical and unbounded delight of their relatives, to the misery of the Wilful Damage Claims Department of British Railways and to the smug satisfaction of Captain Povey, the crew of H.M.S. Troutbridge have returned from leave. This time, much to Lieutenant Murray's surprise, all of them seem to have turned up without the aid of the police.

Navy Lark Season 6
Wren Chasen Returns I On The Carpet I The Bungalese Spies I Troutbridge’s Party I Rescuing Admirals I Demise Of The Depth Charges I The Struggle For Promotion I Fred Computables I Stormy Weather I Chasing The Kepeac I The Submerged Island I The Sicilian Secret Agent I Germany's Troutbridge I Confirming Povey's Rank I The Calais Dock Strike I Johnson's Memoirs I The Emperor of Tratvia I Open Day I Stuck on a Sandbank