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Opening remarks[]

It's always when things are going smoothly and one is at peace with the world that some clot comes along to louse it up. When you left the wife to go to the office in the morning the sun shone from your door knob, but by the time you put one tired tootsie on the garden path in the evening she's hoisted the draw bridge and is standing by to pour boiling oil over your bonce from the bathroom window. How were you to know the idiot from the gas, electricity or water board was going to turn up in your absence with his spanner all of a quiver to cut off your supply? Just because you've forgotten to post the envelope with the cheque in it that she gave you a week ago. In any case, you're going to get a stamp for it first thing tomorrow. Well the lull before the storm is happening in Captain Povey's office at the moment, but the first crash of thunder is about to reverberate any minute now.

Navy Lark Season 10
Lighting Up I The Redundancy Drive I Dredging Their Way Through I Instructing Their New CO in the Ways I Visiting Broadstairs I Accredited I Have Been Appearing I Avoiding Redundancy I Have Been Exercising I Crashing Their Way Through I Presented the Padre I Blowing Up I Shot At I Having Been Masquerading I Have Been Breaking Up I Weathering I Bunging Up I Assisting the Police with Their Enquiries for the Last Time in the Series