Plot[edit | edit source]

The Admiral wants Troutbridge repainted, so it looks smart for a NATO exercise, but Pertwee’s just sold all the paint in order to clear his bar bill…

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Final episode of the ninth series, and Ronnie Barker’s last appearance in the Navy Lark.

Source[edit | edit source]

CD Volume 23

Navy Lark Season 9
Back from the Antartic I Fishing in Troubled Waters I Cleaning Up I Doing a Distracial I The Naval Review I Going Caravaning I Having a Bit of Trouble with the French ; Tangling with the Law I Mr Murray's Endurance Course I Women in the Wardroom I Troutbridge's Silver Jubilee I Computerising I A Russian Rendezvous I The Bugged and Burgled Beer I Picking up the Poppadom I Cuthbert Joins the Navy I The Flying Machine I Sub Lt. Phillips at Dartmouth I A Fishy Business I Troutbridge in Quarantine
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