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The Admiral wants Troutbridge repainted, so it looks smart for a NATO exercise, but Pertwee’s just sold all the paint in order to clear his bar bill…

Opening remarks[]

No matter how well stocked your store cupboard may be, it invariably lets you down when you least expect it and always when the shops have just closed. For instance, you're quietly confident when those chaps from the rugger club suddenly arrive on your doorstep with a heck of a thirst because you know that you have a reserve stock of cans of beer. What you don't know is that you've lost the little gadget to open them and attempting to open a can with a cork screw is the fastest way possible to give your hair a beer rinse and collect a suit that smells like a brewery. The Royal Navy never suffers from these inconveniences of course, if they require anything they simply ident for it, or as C.P.O. Pertwee puts it - give main stores another bashing.


Final episode of the ninth series, and Ronnie Barker’s last appearance in the Navy Lark.

Navy Lark Season 9
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