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Opening remarks[]

The British Navy has always been steeped in tradition and naturally enough the anniversary of the birthday of the late Admiral Sir Benjamin Troutbridge, born 1741, vanished 1797, will not pass unnoticed by the crew of the frigate named after him. Well let's face it, one excuse for a flaming great nosh-up in the wardroom is as good as another. At least that well know bon viveur CPO Pertwee thinks so, and is on his way to Number One's cabin to complete the alcoholic arrangements, after ensuring that Able Seaman Johnson is tarting the boat up.

Navy Lark Season 6
Wren Chasen Returns I On The Carpet I The Bungalese Spies I Troutbridge’s Party I Rescuing Admirals I Demise Of The Depth Charges I The Struggle For Promotion I Fred Computables I Stormy Weather I Chasing The Kepeac I The Submerged Island I The Sicilian Secret Agent I Germany's Troutbridge I Confirming Povey's Rank I The Calais Dock Strike I Johnson's Memoirs I The Emperor of Tratvia I Open Day I Stuck on a Sandbank