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Opening remarks[]

  • Michael: The British Broadcasting Corporation is a truly wonderful and enterprising organisation. Well that should make sure of my pension for a start. For instance, on sound radio, apart from superb light entertainment, there are magnificent drama programmes interspersed with up to the minute news. And if that doesn't get me a bonus as well as my pension, nothing will. But of course, as well as the BBC's exciting sound radio programmes, they also give us compelling viewing on television.
  • Chasen: As a normal full-blooded woman I must confess I thoroughly enjoyed watching Casanova.
  • Phillips: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. As normal lovable Leslie, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the crumpet Casanova was watching.
  • Michael: That's quite enough Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton.
  • Phillips and Chasen: Eh?
  • Michael: I've got work to do even if you haven't, and come to think of it, you have too as you'll soon find out Mr Phillips.
  • Phillips: Eh? What, but I'm off duty.
  • Michael: Oh no you're not, you're wanted in Commander Murray's cabin aboard H.M.S. Troutbridge. At the double!
  • Phillips: Lummie, am I? Thanks very much. (Whoosh fx).

Season 13
The TV Documentary I The P.O.W. Escape Exercise I Number One's Married Quarters I Operating for Profit I The Bumble Spit Lighthouse Affair I The Tonipouhaha Treasure I The U.S.A. Navigator Swap I Son Of A Sea Lord I Hypnotising Ramona I The Master of Sardinia I Opportunity Knockers I Friday The 13th I The New NAAFI