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Opening remarks[]

Home is the sailor, home from the sea. Unfortunately for Sub Lieutenant Phillips' snogging sessions, he's not usually home from the sea for very long. Therefore, when he meets his fiance, WREN Chasen, he's a bit inclined to rush things, and that doesn't seem to go down too well, ah particularly in Captain Povey's outer office.

Navy Lark Season 6
Wren Chasen Returns I On The Carpet I The Bungalese Spies I Troutbridge’s Party I Rescuing Admirals I Demise Of The Depth Charges I The Struggle For Promotion I Fred Computables I Stormy Weather I Chasing The Kepeac I The Submerged Island I The Sicilian Secret Agent I Germany's Troutbridge I Confirming Povey's Rank I The Calais Dock Strike I Johnson's Memoirs I The Emperor of Tratvia I Open Day I Stuck on a Sandbank