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Opening remarks[]

  • Curle: All good things come to an end, even in the Services. The crew of H.M.S. Troutbridge have finished their leave and are on their way back to their ship. For Captain Povey this is definitely the end of a good thing. During their absence his blood pressure has dropped ten points and there was one day when he was even observed to smile, not for long but he did smile. It was not a pretty sight. Everybody thought he'd tried to eat a stick of Portsmouth rock and got it jammed sideways between his cheeks.
  • Phillips: Ooh, nasty.
  • Curle: Shut up, Mr Phillips. Now get back to the entrance gates of Portsmouth dockyard where Lieutenant Murray and Chief Petty Officer Pertwee have also just arrived on the last possible train from London.

Navy Lark Season 11

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