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Opening remarks[]

  • Robin: Well now, about the saucy Lillian Gish calendar that was whipped out of my office at Broadcasting House.
  • Pertwee: Oh look for crying out loud, you're not still nattering on about that are you?
  • Robin: Yes, I am. I relied on Miss Gish to keep Robin warm when the central heating packed up.
  • Pertwee: You dirty old devil.
  • Robin: Not at all.
  • Phillips: Look Robin old chap, why don't you just accept the fact that you you've had it. Take it like a chap's chap on a chap's chin.
  • Robin: Well I suppose if you lot can take what's coming to you, I ought to be able to take the loss of my calendar.
  • Phillips: Exactly, of course you... Pardon?
  • Murray: What did he say?
  • Pertwee: Not quite enough, Sir, and I'd rather he stopped now. I'm not that curi-uri-urious.
  • Robin: Oh suit yourselves, but you've had it too and only Robin knows where the trouble begins and who starts it.
  • Pertwee: Alright then. Where and who?
  • Robin: In Captain Povey's outer office and, needless to say, with Mr Phillips.

Navy Lark Season 7
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