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Opening remarks[]

  • Michael: Excuse me, Sir. I'm from the BBC.
  • Pertwee: Yeah well don't complain to me. We all have to work somewhere.
  • Barri: I'd like you to tell us, what do you think of Women's Lib?
  • Pertwee: Well, as far as I'm concerned it's (horn fx)...ing marvellous.
  • Barri: Err, So you're in favour of women getting what they're after?
  • Pertwee: Yes I always (horn fx)...ing well have been.
  • Barri: Thank you, Sir. Excuse me madam, can you tell us what you think of Women's Lib?
  • Chasen: I'm totally against it.
  • Barri: I'm sorry to hear that. Why?
  • Chasen: Well I burned my bra once and absolutely nobody noticed.
  • Barri: Thank you madam.
  • Chasen: I think it was the show jumping that did it but um...
  • Barri: Thank you madam. Now then, Sir. I wonder if you'd...
  • Phillips: Err, no thank you. No, I don't want to swap two packets for one. I've been on telly before you know? I was the one who knew it was the mint with the hole.
  • Barri: What I was going to ask you, Sir...
  • Phillips: What's more I knew Katie's Cubes before they went to America. And another thing, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I don't like hot chocolate, hot chocolate, drinking chocolate, drinking chocolate, hot chocolate, hot chocolate, drinking chocolate, drinking chocolate...
  • Barri: Excuse...
  • Phillips: Hot chocolate, hot chocolate...
  • Barri: Actually, Sir, I think there's some mistake. This is not a television commercial. I'm Barri Haynes and I work for the BBC.
  • Phillips: Well, don't complain to me, we've all got to work somewhere.
  • Barri: Thank you. Of course, Women's Lib has struck everywhere, even in the Navy. For instance, little does Captain Povey know that whilst he's abroad on a good will mission, his dear wife Ramona is creating havoc and devastation with the top brass in the Ministry of Defence.

Season 14
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