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Opening remarks[]

  • Michael: At some time or other, everybody's been discovered doing something they shouldn't do.
  • Phillips: Ha, ha, ha, ha. Filthy swine.
  • Michael: For instance, no matter how careful I am whenever I totter home from my local my wife always knows where I've been because every time I breathe out the whole place reeks of peppermints and chlorophyll.
  • Phillips: I remember when I was discovered in the woods with a girl guide.
  • Murray: Mmm?
  • Pertwee: Pardon?
  • Phillips: Precisely. You see I was a scout at the time and I was exchanging notes about my knots with Cynthia.
  • Murray: Mmm?
  • Pertwee: Pardon?
  • Phillips: Precisely. Just as we got down to her grannies, err... ha, ha, ha, ha, her father turned up and that's where I made my fatal mistake.
  • Murray: Mmm?
  • Pertwee: Pardon?
  • Phillips: Precisely. I jumped to my feet and I gave him the scout salute.
  • Michael: Yes well leaving romance aside, there are many things that have been discovered.
  • Pertwee: Yeah well, I've discovered one thing for a start. You know Commander Weatherby from Security?
  • Murray and Phillips: Yes.
  • Pertwee: Well I've discovered that he sings in his bath.
  • Phillips: That I'd love to hear.
  • Pertwee: Right, you shall. Usually it's I'm for ever blowing bubbles but coming from him it sounds like this you see...
  • Weatherby Singing: Bl I'm frp I'm bl I'm blm-frp-blm-frp-blm-frp I'm for ever bl-for ever, bl-for ever, I'm for ever blow bl-blow bl-blow-ing bu-b-b-bu-bu-b-bubbles. Bri-b-b-b bri-b-b-b bri-b-b-b I'm for ever blow b-b-b-blowing bubbles. Bri-b-b-b bubbles Bri-b-b-b I'm forever b-b-blow-b-b-blow b-b-blow oh to hell with it I've lost the soap.
  • Michael: Well I for one don't care about his soap, I'm a kinky foam bath man myself. Anyway you shouldn't be standing around here talking to me, you should be far too busy sailing Troutbridge back from Sardinia.

Season 13
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