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Opening remarks[]

  • Barri: Thank you very much indeed for all that applause, I'm really very touched by your overwhelming response to my all too brief performance so far. Of course, what's so difficult for all you unfortunate people who aren't announcers to understand is that saying something like 'Ladies and gentlemen we present The Navy Lark' comes to us completely naturally. We're used to modulating in public places.
  • Pertwee: You dirty old devil.
  • Barri: No, no we are taught to annunciate each and every word precisely.
  • Phillips: Now that's an interesting word.
  • Barri: Annunciate?
  • Phillips: No-no, no. Precisely. You see, according to my copy of Dr Loxley Calthorpe's Junior Digest of Encyclopaedic Knowledge, Volume Two...
  • Pertwee: Eh?
  • Phillips: No-no, no. A to L is Volume One.
  • Pertwee: Oh!
  • Phillips: No, no. O is erm... O is in M to Z which is Volume Two.
  • Pertwee: Ah.
  • Phillips: Yes.
  • Barri: Thank you C.P.O. Pertwee. Now, yet another interesting word is trouble. T for Troutbridge. R for rubbish, which they are. O for 'orrible
  • The Cast: Oh shut up!
  • Barri: Well whether you like it or not, Troutbridge is heading for it. Admiralty have decreed that in future the Royal Navy is to be seen about the world a lot more. As well as being an efficient fighting force to protect the sea lanes of the free world, it's role is to assist British diplomatic and commercial activities and to show the British flag. To this end a flotilla of eighteen ships has been formed, now on route for Australia. At least the other seventeen are but surprise, surprise, Troutbridge seems to be slightly off course.

Season 14
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