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As part of his efforts to get back at CPO Pertwee, after the latter becomes the object of Heather's affections, Sub Lt. Phillips plots to have the chief sent away for a Hovercraft pilot training course, only for Pertwee to return the favor, by convincing Captain Povey that Mr. Phillips and Commander Murray want to attend the same course!

Navy Lark Season 7
Taking Some Liberties I Smugglers in the Solent I Mr Murray is Victimised I The Poveys Move House I Captain Povey Reports Sick I Admiral Pertwee's Fleet I Let Loose with a Chopper I Making a Right Pig's Breakfast I The Mysterious Pudding Mine I The Hovercraft Training Course I Sabotaged Floggle-Toggle Box I The Portarneyland Training Excercise I Going on Leave to Croydon