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Opening remarks[]

We all like to relax after a day's work. Some like to stare at the goggle box, some like to glue their fingers together and wreck the dining room table making model aeroplanes. Personally, I like holding knitting wool for my wife to wind... she tells me. The Navy of course, they like to pop into the local for a quick one, and so would I if I didn't have to hold that flaming wool.

Navy Lark Season 3
In Portsmouth for a Re-fit I Refitting Ebeneezer Pertwee‘s Tug I Sea Trials Of The Poppadom I Mutiny Aboard TroutbridgeI The Explosive Biscuits I Sir Willoughby takes over an Island I Mount Rumpus Atoll I Mr Murray's Houseboat I Johnson’s Birthday I Povey’s Unexpected Leave I Families' Day I Falmouth Ghost Ship I Onabushkan Flu I The Efficiency Expert I The Floggle Grummit Missile I The Hitch Hiking Counterfeiter I Commodore Goldstein I Mr Phillips has Navigation Tuition I CPO Pertwee and the Laundry I The Surprise Wedding