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Opening remarks[]

  • Robin: It's been said that 'Nothing can stop the march of progress'. However, if anything can grind that march to a halt, it's the crew of H.M.S. Troutbridge. For even if they don't actually stop the march, they'll make it look more like February. Ha, ha, ha, yes. Mr Phillips, did you hear what I said? About march...
  • Phillips: Yes, I, I did. It jolly well serves me right for eavesdropping.
  • Robin: Oh, well if my wife is listening, Hello Dear - it's Robin chatting, you see what I mean now? He's got no sense of humour.
  • Pertwee: No, maybe not, but he also knows an 'Oooh Nasty' when he hears it.
  • Robin: Yeah, does he? Well so do the Admiralty, and they're about to hear one right now.


This is a different episode to the Season 3 episode with a similar name.

Navy Lark Season 5
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