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Opening remarks[]

  • Barri: People can get upset over practically anything, especially if you think a certain friend of yours is in a bad way.
  • Hymie: Hymie the Tailor, suits fitted while you... Oh! Good morning Sonic, nice to see you Ikey.
  • Ikey: Hymie, take our advice, sell up, get out, please, while there's still time.
  • Sonic: Don't be a fool, get out now.
  • Hymie: Why should I?
  • Ikey: Be reasonable. With Universal Tailors on one side of you and World-Wide Tailors on the other side, they must be taking all your trade, you must be losing a fortune.
  • Hymie: On the contrary Ikey, I'm making a fortune. It was easy, I just changed the name of my shop.
  • Sonic: Eh? But what do you call it now?
  • Hymie: Main entrance!
  • Barri: Even certain doctors get upset, especially if they're Harley Street specialists and the most unexpected patients call on them.
  • Doctor: Next.
  • Patient: Oh, erm, oh good morning Guv. I (coughs), sorry Guv, have you got, got a fag Guv?
  • Doctor: Now just a minute, how dare you? You can't come in here. You're nothing but a dirty, stinking, filthy, disgusting, nauseating, flea-ridden, unkempt, mouldy, offensive, slovenly, foul, squalid and mildewed old tramp.
  • Patient: Yes, well, yeah well that's what my own doctor said but I wanted a second opinion.
  • Barri: Of course getting upset isn't confined to civilians, even sailors can get upset at times. Such as on-board H.M.S. Troutbridge when Lieutenant Commander Murray has been invited to a top-level meeting aboard the flagship anchored in Singapore and nobody else on the bridge has.

Season 14
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