Opening remarks[edit | edit source]

In any large concern there's always a vast amount of correspondence which is whizzed about from one office to another. Most of it sent in order to let other offices know that there are... other offices. Admiralty send each other their share of waste paper and it seems Sub-Lieutenant Phillips has copped more than his share aboard H.M.S. Troutbridge.

Navy Lark Season 4
Returning From Leave I Captain Povey's Spy I The Secret of Nessie’s Youth I The Northampton Hunt Ball I Hijacked! I Admiral Troutbridge I Relatives and Reservations I Humgrummits on The High Seas I Are Captain and Mrs Povey Married? I Cine Cameras at Sea I The Citizen Adjustment Course I A Hole Lieutenant I Spy Catching in Casablanca I Mount Pot Erupts I Captain Povey's Shop I Leading Seaman Goldstein's Party I The Invitation I The Cornish Exercise I A Strange Hobby I Mr Phillips Gets Engaged I The Sinking of The Bubble Car I Long John Pertwee I The Admiral's Accident Report I Over The Sea To Rosyth I The Return of Sir Frederick Flatley I The Ship's Concert
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