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Opening remarks[]

There's nothing a hard-working man like Captain Povey likes more at the end of a hard day than to relax for an hour or two in the peace and quite of his own home. Of course, with a wife like Mrs Povey he doesn't stand a dog's chance of relaxing for a second. He certainly doesn't this evening because its Mrs Povey's intention to do the household accounts, as soon as Henry as finished his high tea.

Navy Lark Season 6
Wren Chasen Returns I On The Carpet I The Bungalese Spies I Troutbridge’s Party I Rescuing Admirals I Demise Of The Depth Charges I The Struggle For Promotion I Fred Computables I Stormy Weather I Chasing The Kepeac I The Submerged Island I The Sicilian Secret Agent I Germany's Troutbridge I Confirming Povey's Rank I The Calais Dock Strike I Johnson's Memoirs I The Emperor of Tratvia I Open Day I Stuck on a Sandbank