Opening remarks

Some men are born with the gambling instinct. They'll bet on anything, hence the wedding ceremony. They'll wager on anything from horses to how many peas there are in a pod. Chief Petty Officer Pertwee is one of these with one added ingredient, if he asks you to bet on how many peas there are in a pod, you learnt he's secretly opened that particular pod, counted the peas and stuck it together again. Well tonight he's about to set off a dead cert, which in this case is not the waitress of the Gosport and Havant Lord Nelson Nightclub Lottery, where the fleet elite meet to eat.

Season 12
The Put-A-Horse-Out-To-Graze Fund I Impressions For Survival I The Beard-Growing Race I The Mysterious Radio Signals I Operation Recovery I The Slogan Contest I Sir Willoughby at Shanghai I Operation Cowes Barge I Number One's Anniversary I The Loch Ness Monster
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