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Opening remarks[]

It's always useful to meet one's superiors informally. I bumped into the Director General of the BBC today and we had a cosy little chat. He told me to look where I was thumping well going in future. However when Lieutenant-Commander Stanton and the Admiral meet, nobody knows where either of them are going.

Navy Lark Season 2
New at the Helm I Fatso's Box Brownie I Bringing Back the Barge I The Mock Action I Going Dutch I The Figurehead I Gunboat To Gumba I Johnson Finds Treasure I The Charter Trip To Antarctica I Cementing Relations I Strike up the Band I The Route March I A Trip Up The Thames I Radar Talk Down System (aka Working Their Passage 2) I A Crisp Romance I The Lighthouse Lark I Pertwee Posted to Portsmouth I Johnson's Diet I Tug of War I Return to Potarneyland I The Cross Country Run I The Morning After I The Admiral's Present I Secret Mission to Calais I Mr Murray Goes Sick I The Portarneyland Fishing Limit I Wrens Reunion at the Festival Hall