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Opening remarks[]

It is the duty of each and every one of us, as upright and respected citizens, to render assistance to the police whenever we can. This doesn't mean one should dive into the middle of Piccadilly Circus at rush hour and attempt to direct the snarled-up traffic with the aid of one's umbrella, no, no. Nor is it helpful or even advisable to approach a constable on duty with a kindly offer to retune his whistle. And driving at eighty miles an hour in front of a police car in order to clear a way for them can also have... can have disastrous consequences. Of course, as private individuals our efforts to help the law are purely voluntary but for the armed forces a police request for assistance is a very different matter. The only voluntary thing about it is the smile on the Commanding Officer's face as he details You, You and You. Although he doesn't know it, Captain Povey is about to witness just such a smile when he too is detailed to volunteer to help the police by the Admiral.

Navy Lark Season 9
Back from the Antarctic I Fishing in Troubled Waters I Cleaning Up I Doing a Distracial I The Naval Review I Going Caravaning I Having a Bit of Trouble with the French ; Tangling with the Law I Mr Murray's Endurance Course I Women in the Wardroom I Troutbridge's Silver Jubilee I Computerising I A Russian Rendezvous I The Bugged and Burgled Beer I Picking up the Poppadom I Cuthbert Joins the Navy I The Flying Machine I Sub Lt. Phillips at Dartmouth I A Fishy Business I Troutbridge in Quarantine