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Opening remarks[]

And this is Robin, I'm the one who does the early morning programs and is horribly chatty with it, Boyle announcing it. Well once again the crew of Troutbridge are returning from leave. They're returning by train, by coach, by bus and in C.P.O. Pertwee's case, by fear of the consequences if he doesn't. In fact, they're returning by almost every form of transport as Lieutenant Murray is about to discover as he unpacks in his cabin.

Navy Lark Season 7
Taking Some Liberties I Smugglers in the Solent I Mr Murray is Victimised I The Poveys Move House I Captain Povey Reports Sick I Admiral Pertwee's Fleet I Let Loose with a Chopper I Making a Right Pig's Breakfast I The Mysterious Pudding Mine I The Hovercraft Training Course I Sabotaged Floggle-Toggle Box I The Potarneyland Training Exercise I Going on Leave to Croydon