Mr Phillips
Navy Lark character
Navylark phillips 286x161.j.jpgLeslie Phillips as Sub Lt. Phillips
First appearance
Last appearance
Created by Laurie Wyman
Portrayed by Leslie Phillips
Aliases Sub Lt. Lord Nelson (Pertwee's description when Phillips was being considered for promotion)
Gender Male
Occupation Navigation officer for HMS Troutbridge
Rank Sub Lt.
Spouse(s) None
Significant other(s) WREN Chasen (Girlfriend)
Relatives Unconfirmed - possibly Mellissa Plantworthy
Nationality English

Character summary[edit | edit source]

The man who single headedly keeps Portland Air Rescue in service. Sub Lt Phillips is the Chief Navigations Officer aboard HMS Troutbridge and his job it is to get Troutbridge where it needs to be. He never actually succeeds, but he tries and makes sure he hits every boat and harbour wall on the way there!. The single most incompetent naval officer in the service, he uses Noddy's Big Book of Boats as a reference and thinks the Plimsole Line is something found on a gym shoe.

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