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It’s the annual charity event, Steamship Day, and CPO Pertwee offers to supply the fireworks, but they look remarkably similar to Troutbridge’s distress flares....

Opening remarks[]

When the sailor returns home from the sea there's nothing he looks forward to more than a spot of shore leave, particularly when he's returned home from the sea four times in the last five days. And also when the bit of the sea he's returning from happens to be the roughest bit of the Irish channel. And it doesn't help when the ship is H.M.S. Troutbridge and a signal informs them that the whole object of them being at sea was utterly pointless.

Navy Lark Season 8
Searching for Their Ship (a.k.a. Where is Troutbridge?) I Float a Peddle Fiddle I Gumming Up the Works (a.k.a. A Sticky Business) I Buoys Will Be Buoys I Steamship Day I Farewell to HMS Varsity I Blowing Themselves Up (a.k.a. The Army Lark) I Buying Tickets (a.k.a. Just the Ticket) I Mr Phillips’ Promotion I Pertwee and the Tratvian Beer I The PM Papa I Getting Rid of Pertwee I Off to Sea at Last