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Opening remarks[]

  • Michael: Promotion always comes to him who waits. As you know I joined the BBC as a special effects man. That meant I made the tea for all the other announcers during the week. But I wanted something better than this so I applied for promotion and naturally, being me, I got it. Now I'm allowed to come in on Sundays and make tea for everybody as well.
  • Phillips: Promotion. Now that's an interesting word. They gave the derivation of promotion in my comic last week. P R O meaning public relations officer. Then there's mo, as in half-a or um, ten men went to. And shun, standing with your hands firmly pressed against the sides of your trousers and not moving.
  • Pertwee: I see, Mr Phillips Sir. So, the word promotion means ten men, one of whom is a public relations officer, are standing still cutting the grass because if they move their arms their trousers'll fall down.
  • Phillips: Exactly. Now that's another interesting word, exactly.
  • Pertwee: What is?
  • Phillips: Exactly.
  • Pertwee: Oh yes?
  • Phillips: Yes. Eggs, the things hens lay. Act, as with trapeze artists who insist on doing it in mid-air. And ly...
  • Pertwee: Oh belt up, Sir please.
  • Michael: Ah thank you, Chief. Trust Sub-Lieutenant Phillips to know about promotion because at this very minute he's being considered for promotion to Lieutenant by an Admiral's board at Portsmouth.

Season 13
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