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Opening remarks[]

  • Robin: Regular listeners will know that the engagement between WREN Chasen and Sub-Lieutenant Phillips is a bit shaky. She seems to have been ridiculously upset merely because, while she was drafted to Scotland, Mr Phillips didn't write to her for a whole year. Now as a married man myself I can tell you women are funny like that. Well they don't seem to realise when a chap's busy he's liable to forget little things like... what's the date?
  • Pertwee: The 25th.
  • Robin: Oh clang. If my wife is listening, happy anniversary darling. I hadn't forgotten, I just thought this would be a lovely surprise.
  • Pertwee: If he gets away with that I'm Noddy.
  • Robin: Well, let's see if Mr Phillips is getting away with it shall we?
  • Pertwee: Oh yes let's, Big Ears.

Navy Lark Season 6
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