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Opening remarks[]

  • Michael: Anniversaries always create a lot of excitement, particularly if it's your wife's birthday or your wedding anniversary and you've forgotten it.
  • Murray: No, no, I think you're wrong Mr Phillips. It's not a whisky-flush Mr De Morgan's got. It's just the heat from the lights in the studio.
  • Michael: Gentlemen please, I'm trying to make this announcement.
  • Phillips: I suppose it's just possible that he's sickening for something, Sir.
  • Michael: I'm as fit as a fiddle.
  • Murray: There's a lot of it about, of course.
  • Phillips: Yes, well he's got it for a start.
  • Michael: I've not got it what ever it is. I'm merely trying to make this announcement.
  • Pertwee: I should hurry it up mate, yes. It's the voice that goes first you know. One moment, (effected voice) here is the news, the next moment, (forced coughing noise).
  • Michael: Do you mind, I'm perfectly well.
  • Phillips: I wonder who they'll get to take Mr De Morgan's place? When he's gone.
  • Murray: Oh they've got dozens of them. Broadcasting House is jam packed full of them. They keep them in cupboards.
  • Michael: They do not keep us in cupboards.
  • Pertwee: Skinflints.
  • Michael: Now look here, will you all shut up. I've had more than enough of this. I'm not standing for any more. I'm here to make this announcement and make it I will, understand?
  • Murray: That's another sign of course.
  • Phillips: Yes, short temper.
  • Murray: All part of the fever I suppose.
  • Pertwee: Yes, quite, yes. Which would account for the whisky-flush.
  • Michael: Shut up!
  • Pertwee: Oh! Oh, how common. Still one must not titter at the afflicted.
  • Michael: I'm perfectly well. At least, um, I was feeling alright.
  • Phillips: Then make your announcement whilst there's still time, old man.
  • Michael: Thank you. There's an anniversary aboard H.M.S. Troutbridge in the near future, which is why Lieutenant Murray has called a meeting in the wardroom.

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