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Troutbridge prepares to take two ambassadorial passengers back to Tratvia for a trade festival.

Opening remarks[]

The morning after the night before is always extremely amusing to everyone who wasn't with you the night before. They weren't there so they can't know that in order to keep the party going it was absolutely essential for you to cheer everybody up by reciting 15 verses of Eskimo Nell. And in any case, somebody should have told you that the Vicar was there as well. If they had you probably wouldn't have told that excruciatingly funny story about the three Bishops on a desert island, just before you were asked to leave, by the back door. Chief Petty Officer Pertwee this morning is very definitely the one after the night before, but apart from the usual humiliations he has one other panic. Why was everyone so insistent he should leave the ship and go to the party last night? What was going on aboard when he was out of the way? In short, what happened that Pertwee is absolutely certain that he ought to know about?

Navy Lark Season 8
Searching for Their Ship (a.k.a. Where is Troutbridge?) I Float a Peddle Fiddle I Gumming Up the Works (a.k.a. A Sticky Business) I Buoys Will Be Buoys I Steamship Day I Farewell to HMS Varsity I Blowing Themselves Up (a.k.a. The Army Lark) I Buying Tickets (a.k.a. Just the Ticket) I Mr Phillips’ Promotion I Pertwee and the Tratvian Beer I The PM Papa I Getting Rid of Pertwee I Off to Sea at Last