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Opening remarks[]

  • Michael: The French have a wonderful way with words. For instance, take ooh-la-la. Well everybody understands a bit of ooh-la-la except my wife.
  • Phillips: He's right you know, Chief.
  • Pertwee: Yes Sir?
  • Phillips: Yes. Take the French word avoirdupois.
  • Pertwee: Mm-hmm.
  • Phillips: Now my comic gave the derivation of that particular word last week, it's all broken down.
  • Pertwee: Like yourself, Sir?
  • Phillips: Ye... No! No, I mean, the word avoirdupois translated into bits is, av, meaning to have.
  • Pertwee: Yes, Sir.
  • Phillips: Well the French drop the H. Avoir, meaning to see.
  • Pertwee: Mm-hmm.
  • Phillips: And du, meaning all that damp stuff on the grass. And pois, meaning terribly, terribly small garden peas.
  • Pertwee: I see, Sir. In that case avoirdupois means, I know that you've disgraced yourself in my garden because the grass is all wet.
  • Michael: Now as you might have gathered with all this interest in foreign languages, H.M.S. Troutbridge is due to make a courtesy visit to France although up to now, the crew don't know it. However, one cunning, disreputable, fuzz-faced old member of the Pertwee family does, Uncle Ebenezer.

Season 13
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