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Opening remarks[]

  • Robin: Now then, about this 15-sided nut I've lost off my vacuum cleaner. I shan't keep you long. At least I shan't if somebody promises to let me have a 15-sided nut. One of you has got one somewhere and if Robin doesn't get his paws on it, Robin is just going to keep talking. I'll bore the boots off you if one of you doesn't hand over, and you needn't think turning the volume down will do any good because I'll shout. When roused, Boyle can be noisier than a beetle so... watch it!
  • Povey: Mr Boyle, I do have rather an important meeting with the crew of Troutbridge. Could you leave this until later...
  • Robin: No certainly not. Turn out your pockets.
  • Povey: What?
  • Robin: Yes, come on. Now let's see. Old bus ticket, picture of Mrs Povey, bit of string and tuppence. Right, you're excused. Next!
  • Murray: Now look here...
  • Robin: No, no. Turn out your pockets. Right, grubby hanky, bunch of keys, a whistle, bit of cake!
  • Murray: Oh yes, I, I didn't like it so I...
  • Robin: Yes, well. Next!
  • Pertwee: Don't bother, here you are.
  • Robin: Aaaah! A 15-sided nut! I knew one of you would have one.
  • Povey: Now can we get on with my meeting? It is urgent.
  • Robin: What? Oh, certainly Captain Povey. A 15-sided nut, at last! Boyle wins again.
  • Pertwee: A-ha, ha. He doesn't you know, that nut's only got 14 sides.

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