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Opening remarks[]

Let's face it, there is a housing problem in this country. Even if you're lucky enough to be allocated a penthouse at the top of one of those blocks of council flats, the lift never works. So you have to totter down all those flights of stairs in your dressing gown to get your milk and morning paper and by the time you've tottered all the way back up again the news is out of date and the milk's turned to butter. Even in the Navy there's a housing problem once Jolly Jack is ashore as Commander Murray and his bride Rita have found out through staying with her Father and Mother, Admiral and Mrs Ffont-Bittocks.

Season 13
The TV Documentary I The P.O.W. Escape Exercise I Number One's Married Quarters I Operating for Profit I The Bumble Spit Lighthouse Affair I The Tonipouhaha Treasure I The U.S.A. Navigator Swap I Son Of A Sea Lord I Hypnotising Ramona I The Master of Sardinia I Opportunity Knockers I Friday The 13th I The New NAAFI