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Announcer's remarks

Nowadays, ordinary daily shopping seems to get more and more expensive. Fortunately for a Naval Detachment on a small island off Portsmouth they never have to go shopping - they just indent from stores. And they claim, with some justification, that no other unit makes a bigger dent in the stores than they do. But that's only one of the complaints of the Inspecting Officer from Portsmouth.

Navy Lark Season 1
The Missing Jeep I Operation Fag End I Number One's Chair I The Fairground Lights I The Comfort Fund I Stuck Up The Inlet I The Admiral's Party I The Hank of Heather I The Multiple Mines I The Gun Mechanism Test I The Whittlesea Bay Yacht Regatta I The Psychology Test I A Watch On The Initiative Test I An Exercise in Filming I The Smuggling Spy I The Whittlesea Carnival and Fete
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