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Opening remarks[]

Moods are like politicians. They're totally unpredictable. And so are people. My Uncle is a people. He's a man of moods and they're all bad ones, ask Aunty. At this moment Lieutenant Commander Murray is a man of moods and nobody wants to speak to him or invite him anywhere except the twit of the ship, Sub-Lieutenant Phillips, who has invited Commander Murray into the wardroom of H.M.S. Troutbridge for a log in and, to his surprise, a nagging.

Season 12
The Put-A-Horse-Out-To-Graze Fund I Impressions For Survival I The Beard-Growing Race I The Mysterious Radio Signals I Operation Recovery I The Slogan Contest I Sir Willoughby at Shanghai I Operation Cowes Barge I Number One's Anniversary I The Loch Ness Monster