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Opening remarks[]

Whatever job you hold there's always that ghastly day when your employer tells you he's reviewed your past year's work and decided to send you on a training course. This means either that you've been marked down for promotion in the near future or you've made such a pig's breakfast of your job in the last twelve months, he's sending you on a course as a sort of last-ditch chance. As an employer the Senior Service is no exception to this rule, but when the Royal Navy is represented by Captain Povey and the employee selected for the course is the First Lieutenant of H.M.S. Troutbridge Mr Murray, well the victim may as well resign his commission now and save time.

Navy Lark Season 9
Back from the Antarctic I Fishing in Troubled Waters I Cleaning Up I Doing a Distracial I The Naval Review I Going Caravaning I Having a Bit of Trouble with the French ; Tangling with the Law I Mr Murray's Endurance Course I Women in the Wardroom I Troutbridge's Silver Jubilee I Computerising I A Russian Rendezvous I The Bugged and Burgled Beer I Picking up the Poppadom I Cuthbert Joins the Navy I The Flying Machine I Sub Lt. Phillips at Dartmouth I A Fishy Business I Troutbridge in Quarantine