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Opening remarks[]

If you happen to know Chief Petty Officer Pertwee your birthday becomes a day of sheer terror and suspense in case he's bought you something which will show him an enormous profit and you a devastating loss. Well last year I was lucky, He gave me a pawn ticket for a watch that turned out to be mine when I redeemed it. Today it's Able Seaman Johnson's birthday and he's locked himself in the stores aboard Troutbridge. Won't do any good, Pertwee'll get him!


It's Johnson's birthday, but the birthday boy has locked himself in a storeroom, and is refusing to come out, even when CPO Pertwee reveals he has a present for him

  • 'I've only just finished paying the installments on the present you got me last year!'


The audience for this recording included crew members of Her Majesty's Frigate Troubridge.



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