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Abel Seaman Johnson is writing his memoirs

Opening remarks[]

  • Robin: Now then, about this 15-sided nut I've lost off my vacuum cleaner. I'm not going to mess about. This is urgent. I still haven't managed to get hold of one and Robin's little mod-con home is now knee deep in fluff and muck. Somebody, somewhere must have a 15-sided nut that would fit my vacuum cleaner. So, if they're listening, will they please send it to me, care of the BBC, otherwise I'll read all the rotten bits of the news and I'll leave out the good bits for a month. Yes! An...and I'll tell you the wrong time in the mornings, and I'll fade out your favourite programmes, and I'll whip your pips, and I'll...
  • Pertwee: Yeah, alright steady lad, steady. There's no need to do your own 15-sided nut you know. Much more of that and Robin is due for a short, sharp chat from Uncle John Snagge.
  • Robin: Very well, but if Robin has got problems in his home they're nothing compared with the ones you've got in your stores, Mr Pertwee.
  • Pertwee: No I don't suppose... Gang Way! Pertwee coming through. Out the road. There's a disastrical in me stores. Look out. Out the way!

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