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Opening remarks[]

  • (phone rings)
  • Povey: Captain Povey's office, Captain Povey Speaking.
  • Ramona: Ahh, so you are there. Good boy, just checking.
  • Povey: Oh but Ramona, My love, where else would I be?
  • Ramona: Galivanting around with your new secretary.
  • Povey: Oh good grief, my love, surely you don't suspect that poor old WREN Barratt and I...
  • Ramona: Poor old WREN Barratt nothing. When you left this morning, I followed you on my dear mother's bicycle and I saw you greet WREN Barratt at the dock yard gate.
  • Povey: I never saw you, I...I mean if I had I'd have waved.
  • Ramona: Hypocrite! You told me she was old and grey and waiting for her pension.
  • Povey: But she is, my love.
  • Ramona: No she is not, my love! She is what I would describe, in modern parlance, as a dolly budgie.
  • Povey: Err, bird.
  • Ramona: Don't quibble. And watch it! This very morning I just happened to be looking through the keyhole of my Ramona-paid-for bathroom door and I saw you putting a quick dab of me lavender water behind your ears.
  • Povey: Ooh, that was an accident my love.
  • Ramona: Was it? Well its not going to happen again because I've marked the bottle. And one more thing, don't attempt to leave your office to flaunt your sensual beefcake in front of that gal, because from time to time, Henry, I shall be making sporadic, spot checks.
  • (phone hangs up)

Season 15
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