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Opening remarks[]

  • Robin: Now I've had an absolutely shocking week. On Monday the wife followed a couple of...
  • Povey: Excuse me Mr Boyle I...I'm most frightfully sorry to trouble you.
  • Robin: Err what is it Captain Povey?
  • Povey: Well, do you think you could cut this a little bit short I... I have an urgent appointment with The Director of Naval Expenditure and I'm terribly late now.
  • Robin: You see? I told you, it's a shocking week. Robin doesn't even get a chance to say his funny piece. Poor devil. Yes. Well, I'd better let Captain Povey get to his appointment at the Admiralty I suppose.

Navy Lark Season 4
Returning From Leave I Captain Povey's Spy I The Secret of Nessie’s Youth I The Northampton Hunt Ball I Hijacked! I Admiral Troutbridge I Relatives and Reservations I Humgrummits on The High Seas I Are Captain and Mrs Povey Married? I Cine Cameras at Sea I The Citizen Adjustment Course I A Hole Lieutenant I Spy Catching in Casablanca I Mount Pot Erupts I Captain Povey's Shop I Leading Seaman Goldstein's Party I The Invitation I The Cornish Exercise I A Strange Hobby I Mr Phillips Gets Engaged I The Sinking of The Bubble Car I Long John Pertwee I The Admiral's Accident Report I Over The Sea To Rosyth I The Return of Sir Frederick Flatley I The Ship's Concert