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Opening remarks[]

The good neighbour policy is something we are all encouraged to pursue and it's an excellent idea. Provided that your good neighbour stays on his side of the fence. And even from there he can still strain your good intentions to breaking point. For instance, why does he have to light a bonfire on the first fine Sunday afternoon? So that you are driven out of your own garden by the thick fog he's created by burning two tonnes of last year's compost, six motor tires and a plastic mackintosh. But it's when your neighbour ventures over your side of the fence that the trouble really starts. And if it's an international neighbour, and an international fence, then it's wise to take every possible precaution if you want to avoid an international incident. At least that's what the Admiral has in mind when he goes to call on Captain Povey with his wretched Flag Lieutenant in customary tow.

Navy Lark Season 9
Back from the Antarctic I Fishing in Troubled Waters I Cleaning Up I Doing a Distracial I The Naval Review I Going Caravaning I Having a Bit of Trouble with the French ; Tangling with the Law I Mr Murray's Endurance Course I Women in the Wardroom I Troutbridge's Silver Jubilee I Computerising I A Russian Rendezvous I The Bugged and Burgled Beer I Picking up the Poppadom I Cuthbert Joins the Navy I The Flying Machine I Sub Lt. Phillips at Dartmouth I A Fishy Business I Troutbridge in Quarantine