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Opening remarks[]

Captain Povey's lot can hardly be called a happy one at the best of times but some days are worse than others.

  • Murray: Yes, I see what you mean Mr Phillips, that is a nice suit Mr De Morgan's wearing.
  • Phillips: Mmm, yes, yes. Fits him well doesn't it, eh? Yes.
  • Michael: Gentlemen please, I'm trying to erm...
  • Phillips: I, I wonder where he get's them from?
  • Murray: Yeah, no idea. BBC issue probably.
  • Michael: It's nothing of the sort. Will you please let me get on with what I was trying to do just now?
  • Pertwee: Uh, it's the same one he wears when he reads the news on the telly, I recognise it.
  • Phillips: Ah well, that settles it. It is BBC issue.
  • Michael: It is not. It is mine.
  • Murray: You didn't like the one the BBC issued?
  • Michael: The BBC doesn't issue suits, we supply our own.
  • Pertwee: Oh the mean lot. Here, isn't there even a John Snagge Memorial Clothing Allowance Fund?
  • Michael: No there isn't.
  • Pertwee: Oh.
  • Michael: Look will you please go away and let me...
  • Murray: It's just his own shirt too.
  • Michael: Shut up!
  • Phillips: Oh well, if that's the attitude. I hope you shrink it in the launderette.
  • Pertwee: So there. Nyaah!
  • Murray: Yes, Nyaah!
  • Pertwee: Nyaah!
  • Phillips: Nyaah!
  • Michael: Charming...
  • Indistinct: Nyaah!
  • Michael: Whoah! As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, some days are worse than others for Captain Povey and this is one of them. Having the Admiral arrive in his office first thing is bad enough, but the arrival of his Flag Lieutenant as well makes life intolerable.

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