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Opening remarks[]

  • Michael: A chap's home is supposed to be his castle but it certainly isn't if it's also his place of work.
  • Pertwee: Here, what did you say this bloke's name is, Mr Murray Sir?
  • Murray: Him? Oh, err Michael De Morgan.
  • Phillips: Odd that.
  • Michael: What's odd about it? It's a perfectly good name.
  • Phillips: Well you think the BBC would have wanted an Englishman as an announcer, wouldn't you?
  • Murray: Yeah, can't be easy for a foreigner.
  • Michael: I'm not a foreigner.
  • Pertwee: Oh, come off it mate. With a name like that you must be. I mean, I'm not Jon De Pertwee. They're not Leslie De Phillips and Stephen De Murray now are they?
  • Murray: Yeah Quite. Suppose it must be French.
  • Phillips: Y..yes. In which case I suppose he's really Michelle De Morgon.
  • Pertwee: What you mean is, Mr Phillips Sir, that his parents really wanted a girl. Ha, ha, ha.
  • Michael: Oh shut up! Now, ladies and gentlemen, as I was about to say.
  • Phillips: I wonder if he has to have a work permit.
  • Michael: Oh buzz off!
  • Pertwee: Watch it mate, you watch it, or we'll have to send you back to your own country as an export reject.
  • Michael: Ladies and gentlemen, an Englishman's home is supposed to be his castle, but it certainly isn't if it also happens to be his place of work as well. This certainly applies to a pipe smoking gent in Whitehall, who never gets an evening off at his home - Number 10, The Buildings.

Navy Lark Season 10
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