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Opening remarks[]

The decent, likeable chaps one meets at the bar of the local all know what you mean when ten minutes too late you finally say 'Time I was pushing on boys otherwise there'll be questions in the house.' It means as soon as you open your front door your wife is going to say 'I suppose you've been pouring good money down the throats of all those drunken layabouts in that filthy pub again?' The only consolation being that as she hates what she calls that 'Den of vice' so much there's a fairly sporting chance she'll never set foot in it. However, there is the real House where equally ghastly questions are put almost daily, and the members usually find there's no answer to them either. Mind you that never stops them from trying to catch The Speaker's eye in an effort to make a completely fatuous speech instead. At least so that all the other members who are awake know you've turned up.

Navy Lark Season 10
Lighting Up I The Redundancy Drive I Dredging Their Way Through I Instructing Their New CO in the Ways I Visiting Broadstairs I Accredited I Have Been Appearing I Avoiding Redundancy I Have Been Exercising I Crashing Their Way Through I Presented the Padre I Blowing Up I Shot At I Having Been Masquerading I Have Been Breaking Up I Weathering I Bunging Up I Assisting the Police with Their Enquiries for the Last Time in the Series