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Opening remarks[]

Going abroad can be an enormous thrill, particularly if someone else is paying for your trip and all your living expenses. At least that's what it says on the recruiting posters. Course what it doesn't tell you is that you're going to have to work like stink until you get to where ever abroad is. With a crew like Troutbridge of course, this doesn't really apply. However, it is rather vital that they know where in advance which bit of abroad it is that they're going to. Without fail the first one to know and get his the-moment-we-dock-I'll-be-showing-a-profit side-line, lined up - is Chief Petty Officer Pertwee. The ship's forth coming summer cruise is no exception.

Navy Lark Season 8
Searching for Their Ship (a.k.a. Where is Troutbridge?) I Float a Peddle Fiddle I Gumming Up the Works (a.k.a. A Sticky Business) I Buoys Will Be Buoys I Steamship Day I Farewell to HMS Varsity I Blowing Themselves Up (a.k.a. The Army Lark) I Buying Tickets (a.k.a. Just the Ticket) I Mr Phillips’ Promotion I Pertwee and the Tratvian Beer I The PM Papa I Getting Rid of Pertwee I Off to Sea at Last