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Opening remarks[]

We all take a chance in life. Some of us win, most of us lose. Take Captain Povey, who picked on Ramona in life's lottery for a wife. He lost. Oh boy did he lose. Of course Sub-Lieutenant Phillips passed his navigation exam by answering the right question in the wrong place, so he won. But the Navy lost. But the smart ones of this world, like the Pertwee's, don't believe in leaving things to chance. Err, for a start they outnumber us so when two of them gang up on us, like the Chief and his Uncle Ebenezer, who runs the Ebenezer War Surplus Emporium in Gosport high street, everybody else has certainly - had it.

Navy Lark Season 11

The Squatters I Admiral Hunting I The Promotion Ladder I Stranded I Sir Willoughby's Party I Fleet Initiative Test I C.P.O. Pertwee's Long Service Medal I The Phenomenal Pertwee Tug I The Security Clampdown I The Anniversary and the Washing I The Forbodians Hijack Troutbridge I Getting Spliced I The Honeymooners Return I C.P.O. Pertwee and the Lead Half Crowns I Dartmouth Naval College Has Had A Narrow Escape I The Mark 31 Radar