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Opening remarks[]

From time to time we all suffer from a dose of nostalgia. That's not the nasty stabbing pain in your hip, it's the art of remembering the good old days which were really sheer hell at the time. For instance, we men always remember the tear in our first girlfriend's eye when we have to tell her the romance that was to last a life time is over, but what we don't remember is the time she belted you with her handbag for over-snogging. Lieutenant Murray of H.M.S. Troutbridge is no exception to this rule for even in the Royal Navy there's plenty of room for a great bath of I remember when.

Navy Lark Season 8
Searching for Their Ship (a.k.a. Where is Troutbridge?) I Float a Peddle Fiddle I Gumming Up the Works (a.k.a. A Sticky Business) I Buoys Will Be Buoys I Steamship Day I Farewell to HMS Varsity I Blowing Themselves Up (a.k.a. The Army Lark) I Buying Tickets (a.k.a. Just the Ticket) I Mr Phillips’ Promotion I Pertwee and the Tratvian Beer I The PM Papa I Getting Rid of Pertwee I Off to Sea at Last