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Opening remarks[]

The trouble with relatives is that you don't get a chance to choose them. They're a dead lumber. I've got a certain maiden aunt who shouldn't even happen to an ITV announcer. Actually, I've just found out that the commercial TV mob don't have announcers they have Presentation Personnel. Now that's rather like calling my maiden aunt a sex kitten. But of course, HMS Troutbridge have their relatives too and even they have to meet them once a year on Families' Day.

Navy Lark Season 3
In Portsmouth for a Re-fit I Refitting Ebeneezer Pertwee‘s Tug I Sea Trials Of The Poppadom I Mutiny Aboard TroutbridgeI The Explosive Biscuits I Sir Willoughby takes over an Island I Mount Rumpus Atoll I Mr Murray's Houseboat I Johnson’s Birthday I Povey’s Unexpected Leave I Families' Day I Falmouth Ghost Ship I Onabushkan Flu I The Efficiency Expert I The Floggle Grummit Missile I The Hitch Hiking Counterfeiter I Commodore Goldstein I Mr Phillips has Navigation Tuition I CPO Pertwee and the Laundry I The Surprise Wedding