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Opening remarks[]

There is a saying that true love never runs smooth and in the Royal Navy it doesn't even seem to sail smoothly, at least it doesn't for Sub-Lieutenant Phillips and WREN Chasen. Some how the 'Pride of the service' always seems to drop his biggest clangers as Lieutenant Murray is passing, and Heather suddenly finds Mr Murray's company far more attractive than Mr Phillips'. Last night however something new was added, for once Mr Phillips remembered he had a date with Heather, but she didn't turn up. This morning, he wants to know the reason why.

Navy Lark Season 6
Wren Chasen Returns I On The Carpet I The Bungalese Spies I Troutbridge’s Party I Rescuing Admirals I Demise Of The Depth Charges I The Struggle For Promotion I Fred Computables I Stormy Weather I Chasing The Kepeac I The Submerged Island I The Sicilian Secret Agent I Germany's Troutbridge I Confirming Povey's Rank I The Calais Dock Strike I Johnson's Memoirs I The Emperor of Tratvia I Open Day I Stuck on a Sandbank