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The Admiral orders Captain Povey to search for a ghost ship. Pertwee’s got the wind up him, and it’s so foggy that Phillips can’t see what his left-hand-down-a-bit is doing. Luckily, Phillips knows exactly where they are – lost.

Opening remarks[]

The do-it-yourself craze has really spread in the last few years. It's certainly spread to the Boyle household. In the last few months Mrs Boyle has got me going on a done-it-myself wardrobe, a done-it-myself dining room suit and a done-it-myself kitchen unit. So that's three rooms in my place that are a complete shambles. However I'm not alone because the formidable Mrs Povey has got Captain Povey involved in making a new cupboard and I don't think he's much better at it than I am.

Navy Lark Season 6
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