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Character summary[]

The most sneeky and coniving person the Navy has ever known, well - apart from the rest of his family! If it isnt nailed down or broken, chances are the Chief will try and sell it. Supported by various members of the Pertwee clan, his uncle Ebeneezer Pertwee's living was etched by following around the ill fated HMS Troutbridge in a small tug, so that he could tow them off whatever they happened to run aground on or crash into, before opening 'Pertwee's War Surplus Suplies Stores' - guess where the supplies come from!.[1]

The TV Lark[]

During the brief period following HMS Troutbridge's removal from service, the chief served as Floor Manager for Troutbridge TV.[2]



  1. At least, as far as anybody knows!
  2. Employed at Naval HQ, this relative informed the Chief about Sub Lt. Phillips promotion board after emptying the bins at the promotion board meetings.


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