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The Admiral proposes Troutbridge for a top secret exercise to recover a space capsule.

Opening remarks[]

Well, what does the word 'seal' mean to most of us? Apart from a bucket full of fish at the circus and playing Yankee Doodle Dandy on a lot of motor horns with an awful lot of (clapping and seal noises) Oh quiet! But err, the sort of seal I had in mind is all that red wax muck you find on the back of envelopes. In the Royal Navy the most ominous of these envelopes is the one that contains what's known as Sealed Orders, and there are orders of this variety on their way to Lieutenant Murray and Sub-Lieutenant Phillips as they wait in the anteroom to the Admirals office at Portsmouth.

Navy Lark Season 8
Searching for Their Ship (a.k.a. Where is Troutbridge?) I Float a Peddle Fiddle I Gumming Up the Works (a.k.a. A Sticky Business) I Buoys Will Be Buoys I Steamship Day I Farewell to HMS Varsity I Blowing Themselves Up (a.k.a. The Army Lark) I Buying Tickets (a.k.a. Just the Ticket) I Mr Phillips’ Promotion I Pertwee and the Tratvian Beer I The PM Papa I Getting Rid of Pertwee I Off to Sea at Last