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Opening remarks[]

Well we all have our own forms of transport troubles. Whether it's having to wait for the next bus that's 'right behind' and ne-ver is, or being the one sardine too many in the tube, or trying to hail taxi drivers that just don't want to know. Even if you are an Admiral and you have your own barge, he he, you can still come unstuck.

Navy Lark Season 2
New at the Helm I Fatso's Box Brownie I Bringing Back the Barge I The Mock Action I Going Dutch I The Figurehead I Gunboat To Gumba I Johnson Finds Treasure I The Charter Trip To Antarctica I Cementing Relations I Strike up the Band I The Route March I A Trip Up The Thames I Radar Talk Down System (aka Working Their Passage 2) I A Crisp Romance I The Lighthouse Lark I Pertwee Posted to Portsmouth I Johnson's Diet I Tug of War I Return to Potarneyland I The Cross Country Run I The Morning After I The Admiral's Present I Secret Mission to Calais I Mr Murray Goes Sick I The Portarneyland Fishing Limit I Wrens Reunion at the Festival Hall